What is The most popular Lightroom Presets?

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you are all well, I am Sachin Saha and I welcome you, here on my blog, you are given many presets absolutely free, which you can download very easily here. All types of Lightroom Presets are given but today I am going to tell you which are the most popular Lightroom Presets and I am also going to give you those Lightroom Presets absolutely for free so stay on our blog.

Types Of Lightroom Presets-

First of all, let me tell you that there are many types of Lightroom presets, whose tone can be very different and Lightroom presets are also of two types, first is of DNG type and second is of XMP type and the speciality of both It is different, which I am going to tell you in further details, so let’s start.

DNG PRESETS:-  is in a way like a raw file that only you can use in your Lightroom mobile or Lightroom pc, although you can use any presets only inside Lightroom whether it is Lightroom mobile or Then Lightroom Pc, it is in a way the type of image in which the tone of the photo edited in Lightroom is saved, so you can add this raw file i.e. Presets as an image inside the lightroom app and copy the setting of its tone. You can directly convert your photo to that tone and this DNG presets can also be of many types of tones. I have given you some of the most popular lightroom presets, which you will be able to download and use easily.

XMP PRESETS- is a type of file, after editing any presets or photo of any presets, we save it in the Lightroom app under the Presets option, then its file gets saved in the file of Lightroom app. It is called Xmp Presets, all of you can use it by adding it to the file of your Lightroom app, whose method is different, which I have told you in details.

The Most Popular Lightroom Presets-

Now friends, let me tell you which is the most downloaded lightroom presets so far or which is the most used lightroom presets as well as I will also tell you what is the most popular lightroom presets till date. Let’s start.
Inside this I have given place to Three Lightroom presets, first comes the Dark Tone presets.


DARK TONE – This is a kind of dark tone presets in which a dark tone which we can also call dark black color which gives a professional look to your photo and your photo looks very attractive to look at.

Dark Tone
Dark Tone



MOODY TONE- Comes second our moody tone presets also have a dark brown color effect which makes your photo very attractive which you will be able to use very easily on your photo.

Who is the most Popular Lightroom Presets
Moody tone



COLOR TONE- Third is the presets which are very beautiful presets, it has a kind of over saturated tone which makes your photo very color full and you can use these presets on any photo.

Most Popular Lightroom Presets
Colour Tone


I told you about all the presets, you can download and use all the presets very easily, I have told you below how you can use lightroom presets in full detail.


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