[10+] NSB Pictures Lightroom Presets Free Download 2023

NSB Pictures is one of the famous photographers or photo editors, about which you must be aware, that is why you have come to this article. Many people want to edit photos like NSB Pictures. If you want to use “NSB Pictures” on your Instagram or social media, Real name is “Neeraj Sharma”. If you have seen his photo then you might want to edit your photo in this way. In today’s article, I will give Lightroom presets of NSB Pictures, using which you will be able to edit that kind of photo easily.

Nsb Pictures Lightroom Presets Free Download

See friends, if you want to edit your photo like NSB pictures, then you people must be wondering how you can add tone to your photo like that and you will have many questions in your mind that through which app you can edit your photo for NSB. Let’s see friends, there are different apps for every type of editing, so now you can do that type of photo color grading through Lightroom, but to make it easier, I have given you DNG presets, using which you can do just one color grading. In one click you will be able to edit your photo like NSB pictures.

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What is Lightroom Presets

See, Lightroom presets are a type of photo editing settings which if you copy and apply on any of your photos, then you can easily add the same type of tone to your photo in just one click and Lightroom presets are of two types. One is XMP presets and the other is DNG presets. You can easily edit your photos by using both through your Adobe Lightroom mobile app.

Nsb Pictures Lightroom Presets

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How to Use Lightroom Presets

To use Lightroom presets, you have to download the given file, before that you install Adobe Lightroom Mobile app from Play Store in your mobile, then you add the given Lightroom presets and your photo which you want. If you want to edit through presets, then you open the Lightroom presets in Lightroom, then you have to copy the settings of the presets and apply them on the photo. In this way, you can easily edit your photo using Lightroom presets.

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